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LIS Language Carnival 2019

Published Date : 08-Aug-2019

Maia Year 3:
Story Telling Competition 2019

On Saturday the 3rd August I competed in the LIS Storytelling Competition 2019. Melissa and I and students from four other schools recited fairy tales with a twist. This competition was held in the auditorium. 

First, was the BRILLIANT LIS, then the other schools recited their stories. It was very exciting. Finally, we sand the National Anthem and the LIS song. I felt really nervous at first. 

There was also a Public Speaking event, but the Storytelling was much more interesting. 

Finally, the prize-giving! There were prizes for:
-third place
-second place
-third place

They played the music and I waited in anticipation. And, I ended up in second place!

It was a very exciting day! I was really proud of myself- and so were my parents. The judges felt very happy. Everyone congratulated me. I felt very surprised as well because it was my first time to win RM150! We should do something like this again next year!

Hassan, Year 3: Spelling Bee:
On 2nd August all lower primary students joined the Spelling Bee. We all went to the auditorium and the teacher gave us a piece of paper with a hundred and one spaces for spellings.

Then we started the Spelling Bee! Teacher Jes said the words three times and then gave us an example of the word.

And finally we had done it! We completed one hundred spellings and the teacher collected them all in. We were given a stick fan each and it was finally time for pictures.

I had a very nice experience and I hope I got all my spellings correct!

Isabelle, Year 3:
Language Carnival Closing Ceremony

I joined the Language Carnival on Monday 5th August. Year 3 performed The Jabberwocky.

We practiced our Jabberwocky for the show so we could be the best! We were all nervous and chuckling but we still practiced - a lot!

When it was our turn we walked in line and went up on the stage. I looked out at all the students and teachers, I was so scared but I was ready. We began saying our lines.

It was really funny and I could tell the audience liked it (of course the secondary students made a lot of noise, "WOAH! HAHAHA! THE MONSTER!!). Naomi and Chanda played the monster and it was hilarious. They stomped and stomped until everyone was laughing.

At the end of our performance we bowed and walked off stage, I am so lucky that I did not miss anything.

Flora, Year 3:
Spelling Bee 2019

On 2nd August 2019 all the lower primary students joined the Spelling Bee. I was so nervous and I was with my friends Maia, Caryn, Isabelle, Naomi, Chanda and Rayan. We were seated in the auditorium ready to begin.

I thought, "Today is the day!" My friends and I were separated so that we couldn't see each other's work. But this is different now; we needed to write on paper.

It was one hundred words and it was very easy at first, then we had the medium words and then the hard words. Finally it was the end of the Spelling Bee. I felt nervous at first, but quickly calmed down.

The prizes were given out on Monday and I was so happy that my friends got the prizes!