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LIS Cheerleading Competition 2019

Published Date : 13-May-2019

"Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean." ‒ Ryunosuke Satoro


After months of the hard work that the determined sport houses have been through, the sun rose and the day had finally approached; the students were all fully prepared for the “LIS Cheerleading Competition 2019”. This was the last competition, which would mark the end of the “Annual Sports Fest 2019”. Not only would we have the winner of the “LIS Cheerleading Competition of 2019”, we would also have the overall winner of the “Annual Sports Fest of 2019”.
We have 4 sports houses :
• Griffin, protector of the realm
• Pegasus, spirit of the light
• Phoenix, wings of the immortal 
• Wyvern, conquerer of the land

The auditorium was filled with an enthusiastic audience, patiently waiting for the show to start. Not only that, supportive parents came to show their support to their children who would be dancing on the massive stage.

The competition began at 8 a.m and lasted until 10.30 a.m. The first house to begin with was Wyvern, followed by Phoenix, Pegasus, lastly Griffin. All the sport houses gave out their very best for the audience and for their individual sport houses. As each sport house performed their unique dances choreographed by themselves, you could sense how hard they had worked to win this competition, and to make their sport houses proud.

Then, the time had finally approached where they would announce the winners of the “LIS Cheerleading Competition of 2019” and the overall winner of the “Annual Sports Fest of 2019”. All four sport houses were required to stand on the massive stage, anxiously waiting for the announcement. The emcee slowly took her time to announce the winners :

LIS Cheerleading Competition
1st Place : Phoenix 
2nd Place : Pegasus 
3rd Place : Wyvern 
4th Place : Griffin

Annual Sports Fest
1st Place : Phoenix 
2nd Place : Griffin 
3rd Place : Pegasus
 4th Place : Wyvern 

Congratulations to team Phoenix for a double win, and well done to all the students who worked so hard on their absolutely thrilling displays.