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2016 Earth Day Celebration

Published Date : 08-Sep-2016

Labuan International School has successfully organized their first Earth Day Celebrations this year by having 15 schools primary and secondary schools in Labuan or a total of 180 students participated in the Story telling, public speaking, essay writing, drawing and poster contests.

The Earth Day Celebration is aimed at raising awareness among school students on the importance of environment protection and appreciation of Mother Earth. The programme has invited all the schools in Labuan to participate in the contests mentioned above based on the Earth Day International theme this year “Trees for the Earth”.

 The Earth Day celebration was launched by YB Datuk Rozman Isli, the Member of Parliament of Labuan at the tree planting event on last Friday, 22 April.

LIS has also invited the Founder and CEO of Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre (BSBCC), Mr Wong Siew Te and his educational outreach team from Sepilok, Sandakan to give an environment educational talk for the first time in Labuan.

Mr. Wong Siew Te presented the importance of forest conservation for the biodiversity and ecosystem on Earth with attractive and informative presentation to the students and parents. He has also explained how Sun Bear is playing a role as a “tree planter” and “forest engineer” for the inhabitants in the woods.  The threats faced by all the wild lives and forests due to human activities had deeply struck the heart of the audience.

The Earth Day Celebration has invited several organizations and companies to participate in the Earth Day poster exhibition, who were Local Agenda 21 team from Urban Services Department, Labuan Corporation, Labuan Marine Park Department, Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre, Bank Rakyat, CIMB, Taylor’s University and Parents Avenue Magazine.

Overall, SJK (C) Chi Wen has bagged 9 prizes, including the all First, Second and Third place in the children colouring contest and poster contest, and won the Second Place in the story telling contest, became the biggest winner for the Earth Day Contests.