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Prefect Installation 2019

Published Date : 13-May-2019

The Perfect Prefects of 2019!

By Mayang Tegan Kendedes (Year 9)

   During February and March, students of LIS took part in a Prefect Camp, Leadership Dinner and the grand finale, The Prefect Installation 2019, where newly appointed prefects swore to be worthy role models while maintaining an atmosphere of peace, discipline and unity at Labuan International School.

The students thoroughly enjoyed the Prefects Camp, held for 2 days and 1 night, where they learnt leadership qualities, developed a team spirit and improved their self reliance and initiative. During the camp a distinguished speaker, Dr Muzzaffar from Matriculation College Labuan encouraged the students to enhance their leadership skills with a motivating speech. 

The leadership night,  held on 9th March 2019, had a  fascinating theme: “masquerade” . The majority of the participants wore eye-pleasingly unique dresses and masks, knowing that they were also competing for the ‘Best Dressed’ award for both students and teachers. The opening of the dinner was filled with fond memories of prefect camps of the past, as the senior perfects gave speeches about their experiences. 

Carolyne Tan Hui Xuan, a senior prefect who has been through the camp 4 times now, commented: “The camp has really shaped me as an individual.” 

As the speeches came to an end and dinner was soon to begin, the participants patiently set up activities to play as we enjoyed our dinner. After enjoying our dinner and activities, the participants nervously waited to see whether or not they had been chosen as a prefect by the prefectorial board. All breathed a sigh of relief as most of the participants were chosen.

During the Prefect Installation on 13 March 2019, as the prefect camp experience came to a beatific end, the newly chosen prefects went stage in the LIS auditorium to take their oaths.  Parents of the participants gave their support to their children, giving them gifts to congratulate them for their hard work.

Project Manager, Teacher Jeslina Abdullah said that while the camp was indeed for students, several of the teachers spoke of how it enhanced their leadership and communication skills too!

Our newly appointed prefects are currently upholding their oaths and fulfilling their role for the betterment of our school