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Lights out for the 2017 Lyrid Meteor Shower, 22-23 April

Published Date : 17-May-2017

LIS students grabbed the opportunity to observe the natural phenomenon meteor shower on 22 April 2017. 27 students, including 5 students from SK Sg Lada witnessed those magical moments in the sky. As LIS is one of the strategic areas in Labuan to observe or gaze at stars and the space, the school is proud of its inaugural usage of our very own telescope on that spectacular night. Out of the classroom, students, with their teachers’ guidance, benefitted from the exposure and  learnt about the universe. The star gazing workshop started at 8pm.  Students were taught  on how to calculate the meteor shower and the usage of telescope by Ustaz Awgku Bolkizan and Ustaz Ridzuan, trainers from Falaq Unit, Labuan Mufti Department. The students were privileged to use the telescope to gaze at the moon and Jupiter at around 10 pm while waiting for the meteor shower. Meteor shower lyrid was only visible at around 1 am to 3 pm in the morning ( around 1 to 7 meteors were being observed  since the sky was covered by clouds) .

Our students developed a better understanding of the constellation, meteor, the moon and the sun that has direct influence on human life. According to the astrologist, the next meteor outburst will be at 2040 or 2041. Students gained more  knowledge through the  discovery of our sky.

Workshop on how to use a telescope and calculating meteor shower.

A student is using a telescope.