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LIS Students Obtained The Best PT3 Achievement

Published Date : 14-Dec-2017

This year 14 Form 3 students sat for their PT3 Assessment (Written Test) in October (9th - 12th October).

Pn Zainab Batin, the School Principal, was happy to announce that this year's result is the best since PT3 was first introduced in 2014. Congratulations to the Subject Teachers as well as the Academic Leaders who worked very closely to ensure that LIS achieved this ever best result. 

Summary of Result are as follows:

1. 100% passes for all subjects. 
2. Percentage of A's of Individual Results:
28.6% 6A's and above
57.1% 4A's and above
71.4% 3A's and above
28.6 % 2A's and below

The rest are a mix of 4A's, 3A's, 2A's and 1A.

3. Best Subject/Department  GPM Score are as follows:

Geografi (1.00)
Sejarah (1.57)
Mathematics (1.50)
BM Lisan (2.43)
English Oral (1.57)
Agama (1.00)