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English Language Carnival 2018

Published Date : 28-Apr-2018

Labuan International School (LIS) recently organised an English Language Carnival. Included in the carnival was: a choral speaking competition, a public speaking competition and a formal debate. LIS students came second place in The Choral Speaking Competition, achieved second and third place in The Debate and won third place in The Public Speaking Competition. 

The Carnival attracted eighteen participants for The Public Speaking Competition, four schools for The Debate and three schools for The Choral Speaking Competition, including the host: Labuan International School. 

LIS Principal, Zainab Batin, said participation in the competition itself benefited the children in many ways. They learnt how to address fears and confront insecurities by rising to challenges; develop the right mentality towards facing challenges; practice sportsmanship and graciousness as well as  further their communication and social skills. She added: “LIS will continue to hold events, not just merely to create champions, but as a good platform to develop excellent personalities in our students”.  
The results of these competitions are as following:
Choral Speaking Competition  First Place  SKK Rancha-Rancha 
 Second Place Labuan International School
 Third Place SJK Chi Wen
  Best Conductor  Hana Maisarah (SKK Rancha-Rancha)
 Debate Competition  First Place Sabah Tshung Tsin Secondary School
  Second Place LIS Elite Team
  Third Place LIS Athenas Team
  Best DebaterGrace Cheong Wei-Yen
 Public Speaking First PlaceDeanna Sim
Sabah Tshung Tsin Secdonary School
  Second PlaceAliya Shakira binti Mohd Emir 
SMK Pantai 
  Third PlaceJasmine Arrissa Jaffree
Labuan International School

Meanwhile, Labuan International School also won a Gold medal in a recent Teachers’ Innovation Competition (TIC) organised by Labuan Department of Education at The Conference Hall, Financial Park. The Innovation Team consisted of En Abd Rahim, Pn Fadlin Aimuni Binting and Pn Warnnie Musah who showcased their innovative product, “Gear Bulan”, which can be used to teach the different phases of the moon.