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Published Date : 04-May-2017

Labuan International School organized a Chinese New Year pot luck dinner on the 8th February 2017. The objective of this event is to bring people together to enjoy fellowship and make new acquaintances while ushering the year of rooster.

There was a variety of food, beverages and delicacies being served and brought by parents to be enjoyed; satay, murtabak, cakes, noodles, chickens, curry puffs, nasi kerabu, indian rice biryani, fried bihun, spring rolls, donuts, kentucky fried chicken, pizzas, and soft drinks.

The event started with a welcome lion dance performed by LIS Lion Dance Team. Another unique lion dance was also incorporated into the programme where we can watch the lion danced Sumazau using bamboos.

Chicken dance game was carried out during the event which was conducted by Madam Angeline. Everyone was happy to see many children enjoying themselves on the stage.

Chinese Ribbon Dance was performed by senior grade students. Throughout the breathtaking dance we can spot teamwork, talents, skills and enthusiasm of these students as they managed to exhibit the gracefulness of the dance.

On the other hand, the junior grade students did the Chinese Fan Dance. The fans were used to highlight the graceful movements of the dancers and as the extensions of very delicate poses.

The celebration ends at 9.30pm where everyone was very happy with the performances and games presented by the host. We look forward to the celebration next year!